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Starting from the inside out, what makes the Samsung Galaxy S3 the 'future-proof' phone:

one. It's a quad-core! Yes, it's finally here, the actual processing technology from the future. If a person thought that twin-cores were cool, then the processor humming within the actual SIII is epic! Forget about your average social social networking and browsing; the actual SIII can render 3D games like child's play as well as multi-tasking is virtually 'lag-free'.

2. An icing on the dessert called Android. The Samsung Galaxy SIII Apps runs on Android's latest Ice Cream Sandwich platform that is very charming, person-friendly and stocked amazing features. You are able to completely customize the SIII with widgets and various styles to make this look like it's truly yours. It arrives with complete social network integration too!

3. The intuitive TouchWiz interface. Right now in its fourth version the SIII's user user interface still stand to impress with it's cool functionality. The actual app tray is actually divided into applications and widgets, helping the easiness of functionality. Quick access to running apps along with a personal gaming middle(partnered with Gameloft) make it even more irresistible.

4. Super AMOLED Display. Deep, vivid colors combined with sharp visuals. A sight to calm sore eyes. This is the best technology accessible as of right now and it could not get any much better!

5. New technology. Take Smart Stay, a really awesome feature which uses the phone's entrance facing camera to capture your eye movements to keep your screen locked/unlocked. It switches off the screen when you aren't looking and is really helpful when you are reading long articles (without having the necessity of touching the display every few seconds). PopUp is an additional cool offering; you are able to literally watch a relevant video while texting a friend, without any be! S Voice, Samsung's answer to SIRI is another helpful feature to get your work done through voice commands.

six. A camera that are awesome. I'm not serious, but the digital camera on board the SIII really packages the 'pixel strike'. Clean, crisp photos with not an excessive amount of exposure and video at the industry standard 1080p FullHD. The Brought flash does it is job, illuminating darkish areas and providing some good button snaps in the finish. Over that you have features like Burst open Mode(multiple photos in quick sequence) and instant sharing.

Well, we appeared inside the SIII and needless to say, we're impressed. Now coming to the design, who said you can't judge a book by its cover.

7. A polycarbonate casing. The container technology for mobile phones. It keeps the SIII sturdy and lightweight at the exact same time. The hyperglaze coating on the back adds the 'celestial' sheen to the phone... well not really literally, but it is aesthetically appealing.

eight. Customizable from the interior. Even though it comes with a low inbuilt memory(of 16GB), it can be expanded through mini SD cards(upto 64GB!). This particular really beats the trending 'unibody' design in which you cannot even change the battery if it will get damaged.

9. A killer battery! Simply make a guess, what is the best battery existence you've ever come across for a 'higher-end' smartphone, eleven, 12 or even 13 hours? Nicely, then make method for the SIII since it can go upon for 16.five hours! on just one charge! And this includes heavy browsing, social networking and 3D video gaming with 3G connectivity. It's functionality that is looooooong lasting.

And last but not at all the least: PRICE

10. It's not really a WOWser, but it's definitely much lower than hyped upward 'high-end' devices such as the iPhone. At a little above $600(USA), you get style, functionality and safety all-in-1 and the price should depreciate after some time, making it a top buy.

If I possibly could express what the actual Samsung Galaxy SIII is as with one phrase, it might be "The Future in your Hands" and I should say it's really apt. You can really get an concept of how smartphones are going to be in the future boasting rich screens and powerful hardware.

If there's something I don't like about the SIII, it is the advertorial catchphrase- "Designed for Humans"? Well we can conclude that the Aliens will feel jealous and which will spark another Alien Invasion!

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